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Exploring the Most Affordable: Twenty Cheapest Hotels in New York City Under $50

New York City, the city that never sleeps, is known for its lively energy, famous tourist spots, and various cultures. There are a few secret gems in the Big Apple that provide both comfort and affordability, even though lodging in the city is frequently associated with high prices. This article reveals the cheapest hotels in New York under $50 per night in New York City where you can encounter the magic of New York without burning through every dollar.

Note: Guarantee the accuracy of the data, as the price of these hotels can shift considering elements like season, accessibility, and advancements.

1. The Pod Hotel 51:

Situated in Midtown East, The Pod 51 joins the modern-day plan with cordial spending rates. Its small, cozy rooms are ideal for budget-conscious and solo travelers who are searching for hotels in New York under $50.

Average Price: $45 per night

2. Q&A Residential Hotel

For a novel stay in the Monetary Locale, Q&A Residential Hotel offers a cheap and affordable spending plan and well-disposed suites with kitchen offices, giving both solace and comfort to long-term visitors. This hotel is within a 10-minute walk of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and is located on Wall Street.

Average Price: $49 per night

3. Jazz on Columbus Circle Hostel:

Arranged close to Focal Park, this lodging is a jazz sweetheart’s fantasy. With melodic energies and reasonable dorms, Jazz on Columbus Circle Inn gives an extraordinary New York experience.

Average Price: $40 per night

4. The Jane Hotel:

Step back in time at The Jane Hotel, situated in the West Town. This memorable inn offers spending-plan rooms with a bit of old-world appeal, making it an extraordinary decision for those looking for the cheapest hotels in New York City.

Average Price: $50 per night

5. YOTEL New York:

Embracing a modern methodology, YOTEL in Times Square furnishes minimized lodges with brilliant innovation. Enjoy the lights of the city without sacrificing comfort.

Average Price: $49 per night

6. Hotel 31:

Hotel 31 in Midtown Manhattan is a great option for people who want to see the city without breaking the bank because it has affordable rooms and a great location, making it the best choice for those who are looking for cheap hotels in New York.

Average Price: $48 per night

7. NY Moore Hostel:

If you’re looking for a hotel in New York that costs less than $50, the NY Moore Hostel is a great option. With its reasonable rates, this lodging offers a spotless and agreeable stay, making it an ideal decision for economical guests investigating the dynamic city.

Average Price: $35 per night

8. Central Park West Hostel:

Central Park West Hostel in New York is the nearest to Central Park. This hostel in New York is an agreeable choice and offers residence-style rooms with simple access to the city’s green desert garden.

Average Price: $38 per night

9. The Bowery House:

Bowery House is another good option. When it comes to cheap hotels in New York, with a sign of approval for its memorable past, The Bowery House in Lower Manhattan offers case-style facilities that are both reasonable and snappy.

Average Price: $48 per night

10. Pod Brooklyn:

Experience Brooklyn on a careful spending plan at Pod Brooklyn. When we talk about the cheapest hotels in New York with comfortability, Brooklyn comes to mind first. This lodging offers a cutting-edge and productive stay without forfeiting the pith of the ward.

Average Price: $46 per night

11. Q4 Hotel:

Located in Long Island City, the Q4 Hotel furnishes an exceptional level of involvement in its modern, stylish plan. Reasonable rates and a different area go with it, making it an extraordinary decision for economical hotel explorers in New York City.

Average Price: $44 per night

12. HI NYC Hostel: Best one on the List of Cheapest Hotels in New York—Amsterdam Avenue

Adding to the Hosteling Worldwide choices, this hostel in New York gives one more chance to investigate the city reasonably with similar voyagers. For a social and wallet-accommodating experience, the HI NYC City on the Upper West Side is a magnificent decision if you are looking for the cheapest hotels in New York. With dorm-style rooms and a collective environment, it’s great for courageous explorers hoping to make new companions. You can book this hostel directly by phone or via the hotel booking websites.

Average Price: $30 per night

13. The Gatsby Hotel New York:

Step into the Thundering Twenties at the Gatsby Hotel in New York on the Upper East Side. This financial plan accommodates choices that radiate classic appeal while minimizing expenses, making it one of the best choices on the list of cheap hotels in New York.

Average Price: $49 per night

14. Americana Inn:

Halfway situated in Midtown Manhattan, American Inn hotel offers unassuming rooms at a reasonable cost, making it a great base for investigating the city.

Average Price: $45 per night

15. Pod Times Square:

One more expansion to the Unit family, Pod Times Square, is about the area. Partake in the brilliant lights and fervor of Times Square without undermining your budget.

Average Price: $49 per night

16. HI NYC Hostel, New York City, New York:

With its helpful area in the core of Manhattan, this Hosteling Global lodging is ideal for spending plan voyagers hoping to drench themselves in the city’s energy.

Average Price: $36 per night

17. Vanderbilt YMCA:

Experience the memorable appeal of the Vanderbilt YMCA in Midtown East. Spending on cordial rooms and offices is an incredible decision for those focusing on reasonableness.

Average Price: $40 per night

18. Chelsea International Hostel:

Investigate the popular Chelsea neighborhood while remaining at the Chelsea Global Inn. Financial plan rooms and common air take care of the requirements of thrifty explorers.

Average Price: $38 per night

19. Broadway Hotel and Hostel:

Plunge into the imaginative soul of the city at Broadway Lodging and Inn. Situated on the Upper West Side, it provides well-disposed facilities near Broadway theaters. Among the cheapest hotels in New York, the Broadway Hotel gives you true value for money in a clean environment.

Average Price: $42 per night

20. The Local NYC:

At The Local NYC, you can immerse yourself in Long Island City’s culture. Situated in Lengthy Island City, this hotel provides well-planned, well-disposed facilities that are simply a tram ride away from Manhattan. Experience the local vibe without the strong sticker price.

Average Price: $42 per night


In a city known for its high as-can-be costs, these 20 cheap hotels in New York under $50 demonstrate that reasonable facilities in New York are not only a fantasy. From noteworthy appeal to present-day proficiency, these unlikely treasures take special care of assorted preferences and spending plans, guaranteeing that your NYC visit is significant and efficient. So, you can gather your packs, investigate the city, and take full advantage of your New York experience without burning through every last dollar.


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